The 5th National Research Conference Held In Dire-Dawa University


The national conference on science and technology for inclusive development held for two days in Dire-Dawa University.


Such national research conferences are of great significance and serve as a bridge for experience sharing as Dr. Yared Mamo, Presedent of Dire-Dawa University noted.

Dr. Yared Mamo said, since Universities are centers of research, teaching and learning and social service delivery, the research conducted on various fields will be road lights for social service and highly contribute to policy design and formulation.

Dr. Getachew Liben, Dire-Dawa University Research Affairs Directorate Director explained that, many Researches have been conducted on different fields in the 5th national research program and will be unfolded (published) to the society in the form of books.

According to Dr. Getachew, researches should ensure efficient performance by adding knowledge and increasing productivity in all secters.


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