Starting from dawn the Streets of Dire-Dawa city was filled with its residents occupied by sanitation activity and others engaged in walking 5 kilo meter on feet.

The sanitation program which launched at 7:00 am in the morning was crowded by the vice mayor of Dire-Dawa administration, Mr. Mahdi Gire, higher officials, the National Defense Army officials and members, trainees of Dire-Dawa police commission project and different members of community.

The program was organized following the message of the FDRE Prime Minister Dr.Abey Ahmed.

Making the railway station as the starting and ending location, the vice mayor led the sanitation and the 5 km street walk and passed a message to participants to clean evil thoughts and tribalism. He added that the community should practice such activity every month and sustain the peace of the nation hand in hand with security sectors.


Likely, the commissioner of sport commission, Mr. Ana Umer addressed that the people should clean attitude of tribalism and jingoism just like the dirt and restore the usual love, solidarity and value of living in harmony through discussion and understanding one another.

The administration’s health bureau public relation coordinator Mrs. Sentayehu Debasa acknowledged that the community needs to accustom to physical exercise to avoid the nationally growing exposure to non transmittable diseases. She added that ‘traffic free road’ is on practice once a month to promote such habits. She also mentioned that the health centers executed the message of the Prime Minister by cleaning all the health centers and facilities in addition to the city.

Also the residents participated on the sanitation noted that they have duty to sustain peace by washing away evil thoughts and tribalism out off their minds.


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