Tourist sites should be rehabilitated to mobilize more revenue from the sector


‘’World Tourism day’’ celebrated by different events in Dire-Dawa administration. Dire-Dawa Trade, Industry and Investment Bureau; Office of culture and tourism, organized the event under title “Digital transformation for tourism development.”

World tourism day globally enjoyed for 39th round and nationally for 31thyear.

The Dire-Dawa celebration program decorated with many activities such as sanitation, photo exhibition, a visit held to the tourist sites, Artistic awards. The camel race, the unique event indigenous to Dire-Dawa was also enjoyed by the community.

Mr. Murad Bedewi, Head of Culture and Tourism Office, acknowledged that development of tourist sites enables the city to collect better revenue from the sector, though there is visible change observed in the sector due to the administration’s effort in the past few years, the number of tourist is far to meet the deserved level.

Mr. Murad explained, we need to act cooperatively with stake holders and the community in order to identify and solve the vital problems of the tourism industry.

In addition, the administration must ensure the standard of tourist accommodation services.

The photo exhibition is well organized to display many features of the city. Some attendants of the exhibition said could better enhance the city’s image. More over the visit sites improved their information regarding the tourist attractions of Dire-Dawa city.


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