Dire-Dawa University announced the entrance date for 2011 New students to be Tekemet 15-18, 2011 E.C.


Dire-Dawa University is ready to welcome new students for 2011 E.C. Dr. Yared Mammo, President of Dire-Dawa university informed that the university is responsible for the well being of students as a family and committed to perform its duty in collaboration with concerning body.

On the meeting attended by the Mayor, Ebrahim Usman, religious fathers, community elders, ‘Abba Geda’, and ‘Ugaz’ also various stake holders from city zone administration and ‘Mermersa’, discussed on peace.

The participants discussed on how to sustain the existing peace of the city. The second agenda focused on the welcome of the new students from various areas who belong to different religion, custom and life style and came to live in one environment; the university.

Mayor of Dire-Dawa administration, Ebrahim Usman said, the usual trend of seeking solution for happened problems is not effective. The administration organized the meeting recognizing the significance of proactive discussion with religious leaders and community elders before problems take place. The mayor said, their advice is critical to develop ethics, and collect input for implementation.

Dr. Yared Mamo, on his side explained, the welcome of the new students gets proper attention of the university and the administration.

The purpose of the meeting is to forward solution for the local and national peace disorder .Due to the conflict rose in different regions of the nation, many students and their families dislocated from their residential area, exposed to imprisonment, political, economical and social disorder. The university is ready to accommodate the students to the stable school environment. Likewise, the administration and the community are expected to welcome the students in good spirit and provide equal service.

The president acknowledged, the university does not operate as island. Thus every stake holder should cooperate on the welcome event.

Among participants commented that, in addition to academic courses teachers have to provide counseling to protect students from getting exposed to different drug addictions .Furthermore, applying serious measures on alcohol Bars and Shisha houses not to forget the regulation of transport price according to tariff.

Facilitating occasions for new students discuss with seniors also suggested to have positive impact.


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