Activist Johar Mohammed and Ethio-somali region vice president Mustefe Mohammed held peace discussion in Dire dawa


Activist Johar Mohammed and vice president of Ethio-Somali region , Mustefe Mohammed arrived dire –dawa on Sunday morning ,ugas” and “Aba Gada” and dwellers of the city presidented warm welcome leading them to Dire –dawa university .

On the opening of the discussion held in the university hall the mayor of Dire-Dawa, Ebrahim Usman said activist JOhar Mohammed and vice president of Ethio Somali, mustefe Mohammed are playing a vitaql role to the realization of human and democratic rights of citizens in our nation .

Activist Johar Mohammed on his enfluential tone addressed that the culture , tradition and life style of oromo and Somali people is the same and are children from one parent. And together have to cooperate on development of surrounding cities.

Vice president, mustefe Mohammed also gave stress that the two people are brothers inspite they have to resolve conflicts without any external interference as usual .following he added that ormo and Somalis, hand in hand should work to sustain peace leaving aside the chaos in the past .

Some participants commented that the two people lived in harmony for many countless period and impossible to separate. And there mutual relationship should be preserved.

After the peace discussion the team visited the dislocated Somali community .


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